Used Car Buying Tips

Check a Vehicle's History

Obtain the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and run a vehicle title history report from one of these online services: or

What is a Vehicle's Value?

This service provides trusted information for buying and selling

man pointing at a laptop

Driving Tips

Got a Teen Driver?

Visit this site for tips on feeling safe and everything else teen-driver-related. A valuable resource for both teens and parents:

Medication Advice

Keep Up with Your Medications

Do you sometimes have trouble remembering whether or not you have taken your prescription meds or vitamins? This pharmacy dispensing system will presort and customize your meds into convenient pill packets for your peace of mind

Read the Label

This government agency encourages drivers to read their medicine labels before getting behind the wheel. Some over-the-counter meds may cause drowsiness and other side effects that could interfere with an individual’s ability to drive

Help for Homeowners

Free Home Inventory

This website offers free online home inventory software. With secure online storage, your inventory is safe. You can access it anywhere, anytime:

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